This affects the following training courses at Oppidum:

By PeopleCert:

“As of 1 November 2019, no training associated with an AXELOS product can be sold without the corresponding official assessment. We have made this decision to ensure that every candidate who invests in training in AXELOS Global Best Practice has the opportunity to attain the corresponding certification.

The official certification validates the candidate’s learning, underpins his professional standing, and justifies his organisation’s investment in training.

A survey* conducted by Lawless Research showed that a very high percentage (84%) of end learners and decision-makers believe that certification has a positive impact on their careers and their organisations. Also, a staggering 97% of decision-makers who invest in ITIL training place a high value on certification.

Certification is also an essential component in maintaining the quality associated with AXELOS’ products and the trust in AXELOS’ Global Best Practice that we have built over many years. We believe that, by ensuring that training is always accompanied by an official examination, we can improve the value of the training for our customers and protect the integrity of our brands. This change will apply to both classroom-based and online training courses for all AXELOS products and will officially come into effect on 1 November 2019.”