Our world is changing in a very fast pace. And unfortunately not everyone can keep up with this pace. When your organization is not able to adapt, it will become distinct before you know it! So become responsive! Nokia, Blackberry were not able to adapt, and also in retail V&D and many others struggled and failed.
On the other hand new companies are growing at a tremendous speed becoming world players like Facebook, Google, Netflix, Spotify, Uber and Airbnb. How are they able to be so responsive and what can you learn from this.

Many organizations are looking for solutions to become a responsive enterprise.
The success of Lean and Agile frameworks in reducing time-to-market and costs, while still delivering the quality the customer needs are often an inspiration to start an agile transition.

But what is the result of an agile transition, what is the impact on the organizational structure and the mind-set of the employees, where do you start and when will you be finished? 

Manfred van Veghel is a Lean and Agile Coach currently involved in several agile transitions in the financial industry and has experience in transforming organizations into responsive enterprises, and how employees can increase their employability.






Be inspired and bring your challenges to an interactive lunch session on Tuesday, February 21st. Dialogue will be in English, Dutch and/or Papiamentu.

For more information, please contact Manfred van Veghel by email.