Theme: Change Leadership with the Established P3M (Portfolio, Programme, Project) Best Practices

We can manage your Portfolios, Programmes and Projects, and/or the implementation of the associated Best Practices.

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Working with – and indeed creating & updating – these established (“P3M” or “PPM”) Best Practises has provided us with 15 years of experience & improvements in ways of working in Change.  Each Best Practice complements the other.  And yet each is substantive on its own to enable increased maturity and success in your Portfolio’s, Programmes and Projects.

Each Best Practice in internationally developed and maintained, and your Oppidum Leads in each of the disciplines we adopt will strive to be appointed as writers, editors, reviewers or translators in their chosen topics.  This is how we make sure we influence the Best Practice and have a deeper understanding to combine with our extensive practical experience.
To be able to train each Best Practice, our leads are accredited to the highest level,  and subject to annual assessment.
We took this further in 2014 by seeking & receiving Accredited Consulting Organisation (“ACO”) status, which is an indicator of the trust that we can present a balanced assessment & advice for your change organisation’s improvements.

Oppidum can support your business with role-based coaching, training, consulting & interim at all levels in your organisation.  This spread covers increasing the understanding at Board Level on how to direct change organisations, to coaching the key roles in your Projects, and to increasing understanding on the workflow of the activities of the projects impacting them.
Our key learning point is now that too many teams are naively switching to Agile and discarding all the benefits of the establish guides.  In this way they often carry over the same mistakes they were already making.  Oppidum has a deep understanding of multiple Best Practices, and can find itself advising improvements in the established way of working rather than radicalisation with a new Agile Approach.  An initial assessment, sometimes using the Maturity Index, will focus the next part of the engagement.

Met Oppidum bereikt u snel resultaat tegen aantrekkelijke – vaak vaste – prijzen. Wilt u hier meer over weten, neem dan contact met ons op via de contactpagina.

The Established Change Leadership PPM/ P3M Best Practices