Theme: Change Teams – Focus on Roles binnen P3M

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We can optimise the roles in your Change Organisation.
There is a strong trend showing now to improve the understanding &b executions of specific roles within Portfolio-, Programme- and Project Management organisation (of ten abbreviated to “PPM” or “P3M”). For years the focus was on the specific roles only of Project and Programme Manager. Now the associated roles have been worked out, documented and promoted to Best Practise.

See the proven Best Practice for

Our experience in using & implementing these standards is good. Often these can support – and become a bridge between – PRINCE2 and Agile, which can co-exist in your business. Oppidum has long been identifying roles which need extra support & coaching. Until there are specific Best Practices such as the above, then we apply the IPMA ICB (International Competency Baseline) in order to coach improved performance & understanding.

We also employ P3M3 organisational maturity self scans to focus improvement and OGCTM Gateway to guide us through Stage-end and Tranch-end Reviews.

Oppidum can support your business with role-based coaching, training, consulting & interim at all levels in your organisation.  This spread covers increasing the understanding at Board Level on how to direct change organisations, to coaching the key roles in your Projects, and to increasing understanding on the workflow of the activities of the projects impacting them.

With Oppidum you can quickly achieve solid benefits for reasonable costs. Would you like to know more, and to talk to one of our experience professionals? Please contact us by using this form on the contactpagina, or call us on the numbers shown on this page.